About the Perky Family


It all started when…

Perky By Nature was born out of a need for a reusable cup with a take-away cup feel and no plastic after taste. As nature-lovers it's also important for the cup to be environmentally friendly, so we use minimal packaging and give back to nature by supporting organisations such as WIRES.

Perky By Nature is all about building a community of caffeine lovers (and tea, let's not forget our chai sipping, Matcha loving, turmeric slurping peeps) who care a little, or hopefully a lot about looking after our environment.

Our mission is to eliminate the use of single-use coffee cups, and to give customer the option to purchase a reusable coffee cup in every cafe in Australia.

10 cents from every Perky By Nature cup sold goes directly to WIRES

More about our cups…

Our cups are made from a blend including bamboo fibre and corn fibre. Please see FAQ below to find out more about how our cups are made.

The sleeve and lid seals have been made from silicone and are recyclable. The cups are made to last years.

At the end of it's life, silicone parts can be removed and recycled and a Perky By Nature cup can be buried to biodegrade.

Cups will biodegrade in around 2-3 years, as opposed to plastic which can take between 450-1000 years to decompose.

Want to join the family?

Our Perky affilliates program is all about sharing the Perky passion for the environment!

We often get comments from our customers that their cup can be the start of a conversation on the coffee line, about the environment and nifty ways to reduce single use items. If you would like to spread the word among local cafes, gift stores or other organisations that may be interested in using Perky By Nature cups and be reimbursed for your fantastic efforts, GET IN TOUCH!


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