How are the cups made?

It’s a pretty cool process, the cup materials are put into a mould which then go under intense heat pressure to bind together. There is a minimal amount of melamine used in the mix to ensure the materials bind together. Please know that the materials used in our cups are 100% food safe and have been tested by LFGB with the use of hot liquids. All elements are non-toxic, food safe and BPA free.

Are the cups dishwasher safe?

Yes! To maximise the life span of your cup seals, however, we recommend hand washing the lid.


How do the cups actually feel?

The cups feel solid and sturdy, heavier than plastic. They have a nice soft texture, and best of all, you won't get any plastic taste or odour when sipping your favourite beverage.

How do I order wholesale?

Send us an e-mail or give us a call! We're all about creating a community of eco-warriors... We'll also pop your store name on our website as a stockist.

What's the deal with postage?

We offer flat rate shipping in Australia of $5.95. We usually attempt to get your cup sent to you within 1-2 business days. We also ship to the USA, shipping rates vary. Our items are all sent in recycled or recyclable packaging, we ask that you pretty please recycle or reuse this once your cups has been delivered- thank you!

Refunds and Returns.

Please get in touch if you have any issues with your Perky cup or any of our other products. Please note that due to the nature (pun intended) of bamboo there may be some colour variations in the lids or cup and they may look grainy- as it is a naturally derived product refunds will unfortunately not be issued for these imperfections.

What's so good about bamboo anyway?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, making it a sustainable and biodegradable material to use. Did you know, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the fastest growing bamboo grows up to 91cm's per day!

Any other questions?