Our Perky Story... So far!

A well overdue introduction to the real Perky By Nature!

Our Perky journey started like many other, a wine fuelled discussion on the couch on a Friday night, seriously! It was about the dire need to reduce the amount of non-recyclable cups that carry that magical liquid we need to consume at least once a day. 

Craig Reucassel brought to our awareness the fact that coffee cups are not in fact recyclable by driving a tram filled to the roof with coffee cups through the centre of Melbourne. Depicting the amount of take away coffee cups we use in Australia every 30 minutes… and they all just end up in landfill. 

Photo Credit: abc.net.au

Photo Credit: abc.net.au

It was really hard for me to sit back and do nothing after seeing this. I’ll give a shout out to Keep Cup, one of my biggest inspirations, they came into the picture when all we knew of carrying coffee to work from home was a chunky, clunky and not so attractive McGyver style travel mug. They made taking a reusable cup into cafes cool and acceptable. Hats off to them. My motivation to use a non-disposable cup was always dampened by the fact that I just really love the look, the feel and the taste of a take-away coffee cup (*guilty).

After deep discussion with my husband that wine-fuelled night, I made it my mission to find a cup that could give me that take-away cups satisfaction and still be good for the environment. 

Enter the biodegradable bamboo fibre coffee cup!

After receiving a few samples from suppliers we were full-steam ahead with a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to fund our first delivery. The designs were inspired by those funky patterns we all made at a stage when we were kids when we mischievously mixed up all the different colours of play dough. Bright, cheerful and sure to spark a conversation when lining up for our morning coffee!

6 Months later, here we are! Just about to take our first delivery of 8 ounce cups, and working on new designs for our next lot of cups. We’ve got distributors all around Australia, and constantly working on spreading the message far and wide! 

We’re also on the hunt for some grass roots organisations to help out and donate funds towards environmental initiatives and education. If this is you, please reach out to us, we’d love to hear more.

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